our story

Welcome to The Agency Hong Kong.

The Agency is founded by a group of HR professionals and enthusiasts, at whose hearts is the value of people.

The name “The Agency” carries two meanings. The first, of course, is our identity as a recruitment agency. The second is the more social science side of the word, which means the ability of people to carry out informed and voluntary actions according to their beliefs and preferences. We hope our staff and business partners can all fulfil their wishes in their careers and lives, while retaining the capacity to make the society a better place for everyone to live in.

Established at arguably the hardest time ever in Hong Kong, The Agency believed and continues to believe in the city’s value, as well as the individuals in it. In fact our founding team had a lengthy discussion – should we include “Hong Kong” in our name, when most recruitment firms package themselves as regional or international? We ended up deciding to let the name reflect our belief and put our hometown’s name in. We hope, by offering our expertise, that we can help the clients and candidates we come across, by showing their true value in the market and society through good and bad times.

To know more about us, including but not limited to culture, routines or service offerings, please feel free to reach us at agent@theagencyhongkong.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.  


Best regards,
The Agency Hong Kong