At The Agency Hong Kong, we are determined to walk away from the heavily KPI-driven model which is perhaps too common in recruitment. By doing so, we look to keep our workforce as flexible as possible, so that we can spend maximum time to understand our clients and candidates.

Please reach us at agent@theagencyhongkong.com and speak to one of our consultants. We may not be able to guarantee results, but we promise we will not be another CV-dumping agency.

We have three types of services for different employers – corporates, recruitment firms and families.  Simply click on the related tab below to know more.

The Agency Recruitment

From junior to senior level, across different functions and specializations, The Agency has a wide range of connection to candidates. We are also serving clients across different industries, ranging from IT, e-commerce, Marketing/PR, Logistics, FMCG, Fashion/Beauty among others.

If you have trouble hiring for a position, if you find it inconvenient to reach out to a candidate directly, or if you simply don’t have enough time for recruitment, speak to us. Consultation is free.

We know what you expect when you spend a fee on a recruiter – we are here to save your time. We will assign dedicated consultants to understand your needs, and only the most suitable candidates will go to you (yes we know how many unrelated CVs you receive everyday). We can also advise on your search, job design or even the entire HR strategy with our market knowledge.

In short, trust us with your hiring. Focus your energy on something else that grows your business. The fee will be worth it.

    The Agency Rec2Rec

    Perhaps surprisingly, it is common for recruiters to move between firms through agents. Throughout the years, we come across fellow recruiters as much as any other candidates, giving us a network of HR/recruitment professionals at different positions and levels.

    Recruitment is a simple business – more productive (read: revenue > costs) headcounts mean more business. The tricky part is how to identify the productive people. Do you need an experienced hire to give your team an immediate boost? Will you consider trying to convert talents with no prior experience (and not just fighting with other firms for exactly the same pool of people)?

    Our team consists of consultants who held management positions at different (in terms of size, background and situation) firms.  We can tell you who and how.


      The Agency for Education

      We all work for a reason. For many of us, it is a major objective in life to give our children the best we can offer. We therefore introduced The Agency for Education, an arm from us that helps with children’s education needs. If you are a parent or educational institute that needs a tutor or coach, leave us with your requirements. We will get back to you with a suitable choice. We run on a model that attracts the best.